Purple Healing Juice

I love this time of year. The world around us is filled with the colours, sights and sounds of Autumn and best of all, we are reeping the rewards of the Summer’s vegetable harvest. With the change in seasons however, come some familiar battles. Our skin and hair may begin to suffer as the sunlight wanes and central heating clicks on for those chilly, misty mornings. Colds and viruses too, cling on and linger in the cool, damp air and chesty coughs can seem to last forever. I always feel tired this time of year, the heat and fun of Summer are a distant memory as we begin to wake up in the dark and plan for the coming festive season.

Diet plays a huge part in how we feel, so in addition to your hearty vitamin-packed soups, fresh local fruit and plenty of water; I’ve created a fabulous seasonal juice recipe to heal and refuel this Autumn.

Pomegranates are incredibly high in vitamin C and potassium. Pomegranate juice is also high in three different types of polyphenols, a potent form of antioxidant. The three types – tannins, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid – are present in many fruits, but fresh pomegranate juice contains particularly high amounts of all three.

As well as all the vitamins, beetroot juice has been proven to have beneficial effects on blood pressure and fitness output. So instead of your usual caffeine hit, feel energised, refuelled and refreshed with the juice of this beautiful Autumn vegetable.

As a natural anti-inflammatory, a large dose of ginger is the perfect antidote to the lingering coughs and colds of Autumn and will help to soothe the worst of the seasonal aches and pains away. I love ginger and try to drink it steeped in warm lemon water as much as possible, but here it makes an appearance in another delicious juice recipe.

You will need:
1 pomegranate
1 – 2 medium sized beets
Minimum 1/4 inch piece of Ginger
1 carrot
1 apple
A large handful of dark leafy greens (spinach, chard, kale or cavolo nero all provide excellent nutrition and a large boost of chlorophyll)

To Prepare:
1. Wash and soak your greens.
2. To open your pomegranate; cut a circle at the top of the fruit about an inch wide around the brown ‘nib’, remove this lid. Then, make five or six (depending on the size and shape of your pomegranate) cuts down each ridge on the main body of the fruit, but take care not to break the plump seed pods contained inside. Carefully remove all the seed pods and pop in the juicer. (For a clear step-by-step on preparing your pomegranate, click here, for a handy fact sheet by Waitrose.
3. Wash, top and tail your beetroot and carrot and add to the juicer.
4. Pop the soaked greens and slice of ginger into the juicer and juice, finishing with your apple to push through any remaining pieces.

Drink fresh and feel revived!

*Tip: For maximum output, I always rehydrate my leafy greens (especially if they’re pre-cut) in a bowl of cold water for around 15 mins prior to juicing.

Jaime x

Image Credit: The Jolly Beetroot

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Homemade Whipped Body Butter

Recently, a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of homemade skin care products and after leaving our little craft party (yes craft party) with a pot of creamy deliciousness, needless to say I am now totally hooked. And wonderfully moisturised, naturally.

A simple, good-quality body butter will cost around £12 for 250g or so and that’s at chain-store high-street prices. This homemade butter is much more cost effective, fun to make and includes absolutely no junk, making it great for all the family (and those eco-credentials)

To make you own whipped body butter you will need:

A bain marie (or simply a large saucepan, glass bowl and lid)
A lidded container for storing the finished cream, an old jam jar is fine.
A large pyrex jug or glass bowl for mixing.
300g solid butter i.e. cocoa, coconut or shea
100g liquid carrier oil i.e macademia or almond
1/4 tsp Vit E and/or rosehip oil (20 drops)
A few drops of your favourite essential oil

*A google search will give you some great online suppliers for the oils and butters – I usually use Aromantics and/or Naturally Thinking for mine. Remember you are buying in bulk which means you can make it at a fraction of the cost of buying and the resulting products could even be sold at craft fairs, farmers markets or given to friends and family as presents.

Heat the solid butter and carrier oil gently in a bain marie until butter has completely melted. Allow to cool slightly (enough to touch without wincing) before adding the vit E/rosehip, then gradually add a few drops of essential oil until you get the desired fragrance – no more than 14 drops in total though.

Give it all a good stir then pop in the fridge for a couple of hours until cloudy but not yet solid. Whip up until light and creamy and scrape into your desired container to keep for around 12 months.

Slather on and enjoy!


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